Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bake Your Own Bread

Money Saving Mom has a list of recipes for homemade bread, bread sticks, english muffins & more.  By using a bread making machine preparation is simple & quick.  I fortunately found a machine at a second-hand store.  It looked like it had seldom been used & was only $3.00.  I've had it now for several years and I'm definately going to try some of these recipes.  Pin It

Many ailments can be cured with Castor Oil

"Castor Oil has many medicinal uses, including constipation (when taken internally), relief from pain, inflammation and stomach problems. It also has cosmetic uses and has been said to restore a youthful glow, and maintain smooth and supple skin....."  Homemade Cosmetics

This article lists the many benefits of using castor oil from constipation to helping to smooth out wrinkles.  By rubbing it on your scalp, it also helps to regrow & thicken hair.  After reading the article, I went out & bought me a little bottle and decided to give it a try.  I rubbed some on my face for the wrinkles & then on my scalp for my baby thin shedding hair.   I'm going to continue doing both for a month & will post my results.

Please visit Homemade Cosmetics to read the article.

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Herbs & Bone Broth

For the past few days I've been feeling terrible.  Tired, achey, backpain, stomach ache & to top it off.....hemorrhoids...ugh.  After reading quite a few articles about medicinal herbs, I decided to give them a try.  Tuesday I visited the local Farmer's Market & picked up a quart of raw honey, a pint of blackberry jelly & a pint of blueberry jelly.  I'm always buying herbs for cooking & along with some herbal tea bags  I'd purchased a while back, I decided to see what kind of recipes I could find.  Starting with the honey, I mixed it with cinnamon, heated some water & drank a cup.  Later on I made a cup of herbal peppermint tea from the teabags.  (Previously that morning I soaked in a hot tub of water with epsom salt...that got me feeling a lil better.)   Yesterday evening I made some bone broth from leftover baked chicken I had in the fridge. Before I went to bed last night I drank a cup of the broth & took another soak in tub with chamomile tea added to the water. (Read chamomile was good for the hemorrhoid problem).  Now I'm not sure what is was or if it was just a combination of it all, but this morning I got up with much more energy, pain in all areas greatly diminished & feeling better than I have in months.  WOW!!!

Well, I got to thinking...hmmmm....what about herbs for my chickens????  This is a very good article listing the herbs & their benefits for chickens. Herbs & their uses for your chickens health.  (I mixed some up in their feed this morning.)  Another interesting article Nesting Box Herbs - Chicken Aromatherapy is about using herbs in nesting boxes.  Oh yeah, another project to add to my to-do list as soon as the weather warms up.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to Make Chicken Stock or Bone Broth

How to Make Chicken Stock or Bone Broth« G-Free Foodie

This is another Bone Broth recipe that gives both a Crockpot & Stovetop cooking method.  I've been reading that bone broth is not only rich in vitamins & minerals but also helpful to those of us with Hashimoto's. Pin It

Advice/ Suggestions on a DIY Seed Growing Mat

I need some advice or input on an idea of making a very large heated seed growing mat. I have a queen-sized electric blanket that we no longer use & was wondering if I could spread it out on a table (old door on plastic milk crates) & then cover it with a plastic tablecloth. I have some plastic nursery seed trays and would find something to set them in to catch the water drainage. I plan on setting it up in my storage shed since there's no room & not enough sunlight in the house. What ya'll think???? Anybody??? Pin It

How to Sell Chicken Eggs : HGTV Gardens

How to Sell Chicken Eggs : HGTV Gardens

So glad I happened upon this article.  I have 20 laying chickens & an over-abundance of eggs.  Seriously, these hens lay regardless of the season or weather conditions.  Actually, I've been giving them away to neighbors, friends & family.  I've thought several times about selling some but wasn't really familiar with the legalities.  This article explains how to sell them & also to check with your local state requirements. Pin It

Budget101.com - - How to Start Seeds Indoors | Garden Cheaply

Budget101.com - - How to Start Seeds Indoors | Garden Cheaply

Starting some vegetable & herb seeds indoors is one of many projects on my to-do list this month.  I picked up several packages last week an am anxious to get them in some dirt.  There are some very good ideas in this article. Pin It