Friday, December 7, 2012

Potato Towers

Potato Towers
I've found some really neat stuff in the past few months. I'm going to start with the potato towers since I actually got 3 of them made and set up in my flower bed. Check them out here.  

My version of the Potato Towers:

I had some pieces of what I call dog wire (fencing) that my daughter gave me.  It was a little twisted & bent but I straightened it out the best I could and cut it into sections.  I'm thinking about cutting down the height some but will do that later.

I cut the wire about halfway so there would be enough to twist em back around and connect the ends.

Ta-Da.....almost like hand-sewing.  That would be my nosey chickens in the background.  They had to come out and check what I was doing.

And here they are in my flower bed.  I put newspapers in the bottom and will fill with leaves, coffee grounds, chicken/rabbit poo and hay through out the winter so they'll be ready for planting the potatoes come Spring.  
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