Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Pallet Veggie Bed

My backyard was loaded with fallen leaves & last weekend was perfect "weather-wise" to start raking em up (well, actually I used the blower). After a few loads I remembered I had my son's push mower in the shed and it had a mulcher with bag on it.  My grandson stepped in and finnished mulching with it.  I managed to fill the chicken pen with alot of them.  Honestly, they are the best  "composters" around.  I throw some hay on top and kitchen scraps and feed so they can dig & scratch and eat & poop & compost.  I had a few old pallets laying around and decided to go ahead & get my bed started.  Laid down a big ole cardbox box under the first one and placed pallets on top, bottom side up.  I used feed bags under the second one.  Then filled with the leaves.  Will gradually add the composted "dirt" from the chicken pen and some rabbit poo from under the rabbit hutches, water and wait for Spring to do my planting. 


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