Thursday, January 31, 2013

All is well

Brrrrr....what a cold, frosty morning!!  We got alot of rain from the storm early yesterday morning but the wind wasn't as bad here as they had predicted.  Thank goodness for that!  My trip to the doc turned out ok, seems my thyroid medication dosage was too low and I wasn't taking it right.  Hmmm....who knew.  Apparently I can't drink coffee or tea for 30 minutes to an hour after taking my pill.  Doc says Levothyroxin is a "picky" drug and can't be taken with anything else in order for it to work.  Gotta go back and have  bloodwork done in 6 weeks to check my TSH level.  Praying it straightens out.  Until then, back to my gardening......

My seed pots are looking good.  The lettuce, sweet peas, cilantro & a few of the tomato seeds are sprouting....yay.  Will get some pictures posted later (it too cold out there right now).  Besides, I don't want to uncover them right now.   The sun is shining and I need to get them moved off the porch and back into the sunlight so they can get warmed up. 

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