Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bad weather coming....

They are forecasting severe weather for our area  to occur sometime around midnight tonight into tomorrow morning.  That means I've got to move my seed starter containers today.  Too much rain & wind will definately damage them, especially the ones draped with the plastic sheeting.  I'm thinking about putting them on the front porch  out of harms way.  It's gonna be interesting moving the big ole pool liner by myself.....hmmmm, might wait till the hubby gets home for help with that one.

I'm making some more paper seed pots this morning.  Still have more seeds to get started.  I figure between now and the last frost date for my area not only will the plants be of good size, the raised beds will be ready for them.  By recycling and using materials I have on hand, the only expense I'll have is the cost of the seeds and the potting soil I bought to get them started.   The chickens & rabbits are supplying the fertilizer.  Plus I'll have many more plants by using the seeds and not the big expense of buying potting plants in the Spring.  I just pray my health holds up.....seems my thyroid condition has worsened according to test results I had done last Friday and I'm off to see the doc tomorrow evening.  Hopefully it's only a medication issue.  Please put me on your prayer list.

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