Monday, January 28, 2013

Change in weekend plans

It was such a weather-nice weekend!!!  I finnished the raised bed I started last week but didn't get everything on the to-do list done as I had planned.


 During my bout with the flu, I think I bruised some ribs cause I still have some soreness there that's preventing me from getting more beds made.  Then to, decided to spend some quality time with the husband this past weekend.  We made a trip to Lowes and got some seeds & strawberry plants.  Planted carrot & lettuce seeds in containers and tomatoes, bell peppers, basil,  camomile & cilantro in "homemade" seed pots.  I'm using the clear plastic sweater boxes as mini "greenhouses".  I covered the carrot & lettuce containers with heavy duty plastic sheeting and made a cold frame out of an old plastic garden pool liner that my daughter gave me.

Container Carrots
Container Lettuce

Inside of Pool Liner Cold Frame

All covered up

Pool Liner Cold Frame

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