Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Planted sweet peas

I've been "out-of pocket" for the past few days but spent the morning back on my garden project.  The sweet pea seedlings have grown out of the paper pots so I decided to go ahead & plant them in the pallet bed.  Then I got to thinking....oh man, them wild rabbits are gonna eat my plants I did my "red-neck thang" and put up a fence around the bed to keep em out.  Now don't laugh...I can also throw some plastic sheeting over it if ole Jack Frost shows up to visit.


Here's some recent pics of the cold frames & all the little seedlings that are  sprouting & growing.

Tomato seedlings

Carrots in the 3 big pots and more sweet peas & thyme seedlings

Basil seedlings

I put the dog wire over these so when I cover it with the plastic sheeting it won't fall in on the plants when it rains.

More tomato seed pots

My garden of them anyway :)
Now I'm going to rest awhile and then start supper.  Billy working in Hattiesburg today so it'll be a lil late when he gets home.  Until tomorrow...God's blessings on you all :)

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