Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New projects coming soon

Life has been difficult and somewhat hectic since my last post. This year got off on a sad note with the loss of my dad whom I love dearly. Lord knows I'm gonna miss him for he was and always will be my hero. Well I know he wouldn't want me to be all down & out so I'm trying to get my act together & put together some projects to keep me busy. I am planning on a bigger & better garden this Spring. I have a couple of good seed catalogs that came in the mail. So I'm gonna sit down with them & make a wish list to get started.  Since I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (Hashimotos Disease) I have had to rearrange my eating habits and watch what I eat. Will discuss all that in a later post. I also have some sewing projects in mind so stay tuned for those coming posts too. Lots of recipes, crafts, gardening and of course backyard chicken DIY projects. My flock has grown to 20 Dominique  hens & 1 rooster and I have added 3 silkies as well. It's getting incubator time!!!  Pin It

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