Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today's project

It finally warmed up enough so I could get the seed pots moved off the porch.  More of the seeds are sprouting and the sweet peas in the cold frame are growing like crazy!  Enjoy the pictures :)

Basil sprouting

More Lettuce 

Sweet Peas

More Sweet Peas


All covered up...again


Fireants got into these carrot containers :(  Guess I'll have to dump them & try again...darn ants!!

I've got to go pick up the grandchildren in a few but I will return :)

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Portable Chicken Coop

Wow!!! I really like this plan & I think my chickens would too :)
You can purchace the plan(kit) to make it here but I'm thinking...hmmm....maybe my hubby could  make it ....without the kit

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How to make a chain link gutter garden

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How to Make Super-Sturdy Tomato Cages: Organic Gardening

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Free Gardening Downloads from Organic Gardening

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Zone by zone to-do list for gardeners in February: Organic Gardening

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Ok, so I had to bring the lettuce inside and take a pic.  :)


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All is well

Brrrrr....what a cold, frosty morning!!  We got alot of rain from the storm early yesterday morning but the wind wasn't as bad here as they had predicted.  Thank goodness for that!  My trip to the doc turned out ok, seems my thyroid medication dosage was too low and I wasn't taking it right.  Hmmm....who knew.  Apparently I can't drink coffee or tea for 30 minutes to an hour after taking my pill.  Doc says Levothyroxin is a "picky" drug and can't be taken with anything else in order for it to work.  Gotta go back and have  bloodwork done in 6 weeks to check my TSH level.  Praying it straightens out.  Until then, back to my gardening......

My seed pots are looking good.  The lettuce, sweet peas, cilantro & a few of the tomato seeds are sprouting....yay.  Will get some pictures posted later (it too cold out there right now).  Besides, I don't want to uncover them right now.   The sun is shining and I need to get them moved off the porch and back into the sunlight so they can get warmed up. 

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Bible verse of the day

Exodus 15:2 (KJV)

The LORD is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he is my God, and I will prepare him an habitation ; my father's God, and I will exalt him.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mandala Garden Design

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Replant cut carrot tops


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How to Make a Bucket into a Bird House

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Greenhouse made from cattle panels, 2x4s and plastic

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Got em moved...

I got everything moved to the front porch.  Now I just pray the storms don't get too bad tonight.

I went ahead and planted some thyme in the seed pots I made this morning.  Now I'm gonna take a break, get me something to eat and then I have to go pickup the grandchildren from the bus stop.

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Severe weather

A severe weather outbreak, including tornadoes and damaging straight-line winds, is looming today, tonight and Wednesday.
Oh maannn, gonna be a long night.  I really don't like this kind of weather. 
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Bad weather coming....

They are forecasting severe weather for our area  to occur sometime around midnight tonight into tomorrow morning.  That means I've got to move my seed starter containers today.  Too much rain & wind will definately damage them, especially the ones draped with the plastic sheeting.  I'm thinking about putting them on the front porch  out of harms way.  It's gonna be interesting moving the big ole pool liner by myself.....hmmmm, might wait till the hubby gets home for help with that one.

I'm making some more paper seed pots this morning.  Still have more seeds to get started.  I figure between now and the last frost date for my area not only will the plants be of good size, the raised beds will be ready for them.  By recycling and using materials I have on hand, the only expense I'll have is the cost of the seeds and the potting soil I bought to get them started.   The chickens & rabbits are supplying the fertilizer.  Plus I'll have many more plants by using the seeds and not the big expense of buying potting plants in the Spring.  I just pray my health holds up.....seems my thyroid condition has worsened according to test results I had done last Friday and I'm off to see the doc tomorrow evening.  Hopefully it's only a medication issue.  Please put me on your prayer list.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Change in weekend plans

It was such a weather-nice weekend!!!  I finnished the raised bed I started last week but didn't get everything on the to-do list done as I had planned.


 During my bout with the flu, I think I bruised some ribs cause I still have some soreness there that's preventing me from getting more beds made.  Then to, decided to spend some quality time with the husband this past weekend.  We made a trip to Lowes and got some seeds & strawberry plants.  Planted carrot & lettuce seeds in containers and tomatoes, bell peppers, basil,  camomile & cilantro in "homemade" seed pots.  I'm using the clear plastic sweater boxes as mini "greenhouses".  I covered the carrot & lettuce containers with heavy duty plastic sheeting and made a cold frame out of an old plastic garden pool liner that my daughter gave me.

Container Carrots
Container Lettuce

Inside of Pool Liner Cold Frame

All covered up

Pool Liner Cold Frame

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Not today....

Just not feeling it today.  Guess I overdid it yesterday, plus I've got some "inside" stuff needing to be done.  I started another bed this morning but low energy & a backache sent me back inside.  I'm gonna sit for a lil while and get started in the kitchen with dishes and then laundry.  Hubby promised to help me in the yard this weekend & I'm gonna hold him to it for sure.  He's liking the the raised bed which makes for a happy, happy wife :)  Hope everyone is enjoying the pics...I'm not much on writing but I do love stay tuned for more pics this weekend.   I've got alot more beds to make! Pin It

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Hugelkultur raised beds

Well, I got up this morning not feeling too perky but after my coffee, tea & a bc plus a whole lotta determination, gathered my tools and made 2 more raised beds.  Actually, I didn't quite finnish one of them....ran outta go power.  Anyways, here they are....not pretty but functional.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Composting Chickens

I dumped some more leaves in the chicken yard.  As you can see my lil composting buddies went straight to work scratching, pecking & pooping.  Love watching them work.

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Today's project: Cold Frame

Well I got a little bit of work done this morning.  Doesn't take much to tire this ole lady out.  I've been wanting a cold frame & didn't have the material on hand to make the one I I worked with what I had on hand....cinder blocks, landscape timbers....2 old windows and leaves....This is the finnished product.

Bush sweet peas in the homemade paper seed pots.  Some may think I'm a lil weird for not sowing them directly in the ground but.....hey, that's the way I roll :)
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Vertical Hugelkultur

Now this is really cool.

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Hugelkultur Containers

You can also use this method for your container plants....saves on potting soil :)


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Cinnamon...Rooting Hormone Substitute

Use cinnamon as a substitute for rooting hormone.  It kills fungus & bacteria as well.....who knew??? Pin It

Hugelkultur Raised Beds

I've been doing some research on hugelkultur and have plans to make several raised veggie beds using this method.. 
Please visit for more detailed information.....
"Hugelkultur is nothing more than making raised garden beds filled with rotten wood. This makes for raised garden beds loaded with organic material, nutrients, air pockets for the roots of what you plant, etc. As the years pass, the deep soil of your raised garden bed becomes incredibly rich and loaded with soil life. As the wood shrinks, it makes more tiny air pockets - so your hugelkultur becomes sort of self tilling. The first few years, the composting process will slightly warm your soil giving you a slightly longer growing season. The woody matter helps to keep nutrient excess from passing into the ground water - and then refeeding that to your garden plants later. Plus, by holding SO much water, hugelkultur could be part of a system for growing garden crops in the desert with no irrigation."
Leaves, twigs & fallen limbs are abundant in my yard due to the many trees mostly in the backyard.  Usually we pile them up and burn them but this is certainly a much better alternative.  I took advantage of the nice weather the other day and made one bed.

This is the bed filled with limbs, twigs, leaves & some rotting logs.

Compost from the chicken yard....leaves, hay, chicken poop and worms.

 I spread the compost in the bed , watered it down and will cover with mulched leaves.  I am using my son's mulching push mower but it took an attitude yesterday....ran for awhile, sputtered then died...darn mower.  Hubby promised to look at it this evening when he gets off work so that project is delayed till tomorrow.  Can't wait to get my plants in there!!!



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