Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Many ailments can be cured with Castor Oil

"Castor Oil has many medicinal uses, including constipation (when taken internally), relief from pain, inflammation and stomach problems. It also has cosmetic uses and has been said to restore a youthful glow, and maintain smooth and supple skin....."  Homemade Cosmetics

This article lists the many benefits of using castor oil from constipation to helping to smooth out wrinkles.  By rubbing it on your scalp, it also helps to regrow & thicken hair.  After reading the article, I went out & bought me a little bottle and decided to give it a try.  I rubbed some on my face for the wrinkles & then on my scalp for my baby thin shedding hair.   I'm going to continue doing both for a month & will post my results.

Please visit Homemade Cosmetics to read the article.

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